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Brooks Carder, Ph.D.

Dr. Carder, AdGap’s Chairman and Director of the Business Intelligence division, combines his training and experience as a behavioral scientist with 25 years of experience as a business manager. Following several years as a Psychology Professor at UCLA, Dr. Carder now serves as a consultant to major corporations and organizations. His work includes strategic planning, assessment of customer and employee attitudes, measurement of organizational systems, and education of management in the principles of leadership.

Ph.D., Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
A.B., Psychology, Yale University

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Nicole Millett, M.A.

Nicole Millett, the Manager of AdGap's Business Intelligence division, combines an education in communications management with professional experience in research, media and public relations, media production and sales. During her three years with AdGap, Nicole has developed, managed, implemented and analyzed numerous research studies with Fortune 500 clients.

M.A., Communications Management, University of Southern California
B.S., Telecommunications and Film, San Diego State University

Michelle Lulu

Michelle Lulu has served as a Research Associate for AdGap Business Intelligence for over two years. She combines an education in communications with her professional proficiency in designing surveys using specialized research software and creating, managing and analyzing databases.

B.A., Communications, San Diego State University

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson has served as the Database Analyst and Technical Advisor for AdGap for over six years. He combines an education in the computer sciences with extensive professional experience in selecting, maintaining and troubleshooting information technology products and conducting database analyses.

B.S., Computer Sciences, University of California, San Diego