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Our services include these components:

A custom research plan to target your business challenge
A unique question set designed to uncover critical information
State-of-the-art research technology to provide cost-effective and efficient processing of your data
The use of one or more of these research methods to deliver your solution:
  1. Surveys (email, web, scanned, hard copy or telephone)
  2. Focus groups
  3. In-depth interviews
A final report detailing the results of your data which includes:
  1. A statistical analysis
  2. Where possible, a reference between your data and the norms we have for similar companies (to put your reality into a larger context)
  3. Where desired, a formal, in-person presentation of data communicated in a practical, understandable manner
  4. An action plan to help you address the issues we uncover
When critical, strategic business consulting to help improve your system