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Abbott Laboratories    Pharmaceutical company

Client Challenge
Improve relationships between a pharmaceutical company and its major trade accounts.

Our Work

  • Conduct in-depth interviews with senior executives of large drug wholesalers and chains to determine possible areas of leverage.

    Consolidated Freightways    Freight forwarding company

    Client Challenge
    Reduce turnover in key supervisory positions.

    Our Work

  • Survey all front-line supervisors to determine factors that contribute to job dissatisfaction.
  • Conduct follow-up focus groups to understand workplace dynamics that impact productivity, efficiency and effective communication.

    eBay    Web trading company

    Client Challenge
    Create an online store which helps to build the eBay brand and offers quality products and service.

    Our Work

  • Use web surveys of community to test market product offerings, price points and gather feedback.
  • Conduct follow-up email surveys after the store launch to monitor customer satisfaction.

    Hewlett-Packard    IT solutions provider

    Client Challenge
    Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Our Work

  • Design, implement, and analyze survey of 28,000 customers annually to uncover customer needs and determine strengths and weaknesses of service.

    ImproveNet    Web-based home remodeling resource

    Client Challenge
    Determine consumer awareness of their brand and effectively target their marketing strategy and tactics prior to company's IPO.

    Our Work

  • Measure brand awareness, brand perception and exposure and retention of advertising messages (via a number of media) through targeted telephone and web surveys during pre and post phases of an advertising program launch.

    Platinum Technology    Software developer and manufacturer

    Client Challenge
    Increase renewals of software maintenance contracts (which represent millions of dollars in revenue annually).

    Our Work

  • Conduct in-depth telephone interviews with buyers to uncover factors that influence their decision to extend their contract and determine the features that serve as incentives for maintenance agreement renewal.

    Rhone-Poulenc    Chemical manufacturer

    Client Challenge
    Reduce accident rates among 6,000 employees in five chemical manufacturing plants.

    Our Work

  • Develop a comprehensive survey— to serve as a measurement system for safety which both drives improvement and reveals decision making processes.
  • Conduct survey annually to track results and predict behavior and safety performance.

    Sears    Retail department store chain

    Client Challenge
    Increase customer credit card base.

    Our Work

  • Intercept survey shoppers to uncover site dynamics and behaviors that influence their decision to sign up for the credit card program.

    Sunoco MidAmerica    Petroleum marketer and refiner

    Client Challenge
    Gather business intelligence that enables their brand to effectively compete with petroleum giants possessing larger capital resources.

    Our Work

  • Conduct telephone surveys of consumers to measure brand value, intercept surveys of customers at station sites to measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, survey downstream network of Sun affiliates to gauge relationship with corporation.
  • Complete follow-up interviews with dealers, distributors and executives to help leverage system improvement.
  • Develop brand strengthening team to foster communication and partner in ongoing consulting to increase brand value.

    Xerox    Document hardware, software and service specialist

    Client Challenge
    Raise awareness of internal support services to improve customer service and drive revenue.

    Our Work

  • Survey members of corporate sales force via email to measure awareness of this divisions services and barriers that prevent their use of and referral to clients.

    Other clients include:

    • Alpha Therapeutics
    • Aventis
    • Eastman-Kodak
    • Epicor
    • Exxon
    • GE
    • IBM
    • Intel
    • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    • Merck
    • Nestlé
    • Pioneer
    • Solutia
    • Trane